Lee Hard(ly Punk)

Monday, June 12, 2006, 1:59 AM

What's wrong with this picture, Lee? You have a record contract.

Ever since Lee "Hey, check it out, my hair is crazy!" Harding came to prominence in everybody's favorite programme "Idle Australians", there has been a lot of debate as to whether the number one choice of kiddie try-hards across Australia is actually punk.

But no, blog readers, I'm not here to argue that Lee Harding is a "ignorant idiot", or abuse him of being a "watered down stereotype for the masses". Oh no, I'm much more refined than that. I'm here to tell you that Lee Harding is indeed punk. And I can prove it.

You see, while I was cruising the good ol' interweb, I happened upon the Wiktionary definition of the word punk.


Read definition four: "(countable) (15th century) (insulting) A prostitute."

Now let's not be silly, I'm not calling him a slut. I severely doubt he could attract anyone over the age of 15 with a head like that anyway. But we all know that a prostitute is someone who does something dishonourable for money or personal gain. Hmm... like a sell-out?

Hey... There used to be this show on Channel Ten that was full of sell-outs... and... Oh wait. I think I've just made my point.

So there we are. The next time you're talking to your little brother / being accosted on the street by twelve year olds / being accosted on Myspace, and being told that "OMG lee harding iz so puNK u suK", you can agree. If they mean punk in a 15th century prostitute way.

This has been a Couch Culture community announcement.

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