It's A Great Advertisement For Football, BUT...

Sunday, June 25, 2006, 7:22 PM

NEWS JUST IN: PM Howard taken hostage by terrorists. "Friends" applaud captors.

I have been in a foetal position for the past few days, trying desperately to understand just why on earth anybody cares about Australia's World Cup run. Don't get me wrong, I'm a football lover myself. I was there as a kid, cheering on my own small-time heroes as they played for an NSL club that doesn't exist anymore. I was calling it football before the blokes who now own it changed the name. I was even lucky enough to go to my first English FA Cup match earlier this year.

And then it finally occured to me why people suddenly seem to care. And it's not that we've reached the second round. It's not that it's a fairytale. It's not because "this team has a lion's heart, to fight until the end."

It's because there's a split round in the AFL.

It was so obvious. Add to that the fact that everyone who cares has disowned the NRL because the Storm are on top of the ladder again, and you realise the only reason we are being barraged by bandwagon jumpers is because there's nothing else to jump up and down about.

So fuck off back to your own games, bandwagoners. And for the rest of us diehards, and the newly converted, I'll see you for the Kuwait game in August.
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