National Bogan Weekend

Saturday, October 07, 2006, 2:14 PM

Well, with the Bathurst "RIP Brocky! We Miss You Brocky! BrockyBrockyBrocky!" 1000 is on again, it must be National Bogan Weekend (proudly sponsored by Winnie Blue's and the Pope.) So naturally, it's reassuring to know that someone out there is picking up Peter Brock's legacy of driving to the limit. (Via the Beeb:)
A man pulled over for driving slowly in the Australian outback has been charged with reckless driving - because police found him driving in reverse.

The man was stopped for driving at a little over 56km/h on a highway near the outback town of Kalgoorlie.

But quick police work soon established that the car was in fact heading backwards - all the way to Perth, some 550km across the desert.

The driver, 22, told police he chose to drive in reverse when his gears failed.

He had already travelled 20km before he was stopped.

Forget Steve Waugh and Fred Hollows, there's no doubt that this guy will be flung into legendary status and will be a future Australian Of The Year.

As the group of great sages known as TISM once said; "you're only five yards from a fuckwit".

Even if you're in the most isolated places on earth.