Kath & Kim: Round Two

Friday, September 22, 2006, 8:50 PM

An American Kath & Kim? It's all over, folks! Evacuate the Earth!

Everytime I go and shoot my mouth off about something, there's always something to come out of it. This time, it's news from The New York Times via The Age, stating that Kath & Kim look set to be reworked for American audiences:

AMERICAN producer Ben Silverman, who adapted The Office into an American sitcom, has his sights set on Fountain Lakes' foxy ladies, Kath and Kim.

In a feature in The New York Times, Silverman has described Kath and Kim as "Roseanne meets Ab Fab".

An agreement is yet to be struck on a Kath and Kim adaptation. While Kath and Kim's executive producer, Rick McKenna, imagines Gina Riley and Jane Turner would be keen to play the American characters, he says he cannot imagine they would be suitable for an American network.

Now while I take a moment to compose myself (i.e, swallow my own rage, vomit and fear that this could be the worst thing for Aussie stereotypes since Paul Hogan), a question to all you good blog-reading folk. Does this idea really have a snowball's chance in hell of working?