Radio Statler: What Is This? Some Sort Of Meme?

Thursday, September 07, 2006, 3:15 PM

Music is something I haven't touched on much here at Couch Culture, which is strange because it's such a big part of my life. So I thought to introduce my musical tastes to you all, I'd use the meme I found some time ago on our good friend mindlessmunkey's blog.

Here's the drill. I put my pod into random mode. For the first 50 songs that are played, I record the opening lyrics (to the best of my ability!). Your job is to guess what those songs are. Some are blindingly obvious. Some are really embarassing. Some are so obscure I wouldn't be surprised if I'm the only person in Australia listening to them.

So get to it! I'll put the answers up as people get them right. You have one week to get your answers in / make fun of my musical taste. And don't go Googling for the answers!

1. Standing on the beach with a gun in my hand / Staring at the sky, staring at the sand.
Killing An Arab - The Cure

2. Bones, bones, brittle little bones.
Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby - Islands

3. Yeah, all the king's horses and all their men / They can't keep you together.
Karma Package Deal - 78 Saab

4. Some things will stay the same / The shape of a power-point won't change.
Clint - Something For Kate / Jebediah

5. You can do anything you want as long as it makes sense.
You Can't Fool Me Dennis - Mystery Jets

6. Alexander /Our older brother / He set out for / a great adventure.
Neighbourhood #2 (Laika) - Arcade Fire

7. I know how to cheat at Tattslotto / I've got a great idea for a song.
I'm Interested In Apathy - TISM

8. Had a little bit to drink / There's a little thing I wanted to do out east.
You Sound Like Louis Burdett - The Whitlams

9. Here come Monday morning / Life is open wide / I hide my bad vibes.
Shortwave - The Presidents Of The United States Of America

10. I've got the Dungeonmaster's Guide / I've got a twelve-sided die.
In The Garage - Weezer

11. Don't change your name / Keep it the same / For fear I may lose you again.
A.M. 180 - Grandaddy

12. We've got an intergalactic invasion on our hands / Don't call security, they won't understand.
Above The Dove - Screamfeeder

13. This here's a tale for all the fellas / Try to do what those ladies tell us.
Bust A Move - Young MC

14. There is a road that meets the road that goes to my house.
July! July! - The Decemberists

15. Life goes on / Nothing is new / Judge made it clear I can't be near you.
Restraining Order Blues - Eels

16. Talking away / I don't know what's left to say.
Take On Me - A-ha / Reel Big Fish

17. We can dance if we want to / We can leave your friends behind.
Safety Dance - Men Without Hats

18. Bring that Jolly Roger on home.
Seven - ¡Forward, Russia!

19. Ooh ooh, It's true / That he loves me more than you.
Dogs Are the Best People - The Fauves

20. She came all the way from America / She had a blind date with destiny.
Mean To Me - Crowded House

21. A gentle winter haze / Creeps in at 3:44.
Hindley Street - Powderfinger

22. My name is Hiro, I am 51 / Since 1980 life has been no fun.
Hiro's Song - Ben Folds

23. Intravenously polite / It was the walkie-talkies that knocked the pins down.
Invalid Litter Dept. - At The Drive-In

24. I've got a new apartment, baby / And it protects me from the lonely, whistling streets.
Apartment - Custard

25. I ripped your heart out from your chest / Replaced it with a grenade blast.
Incinerate - Sonic Youth

26. I've exposed your lies, baby / The underneath's no big surprise.
Plug-In Baby - Muse

27. This room is like the belly of a ghost.
Beating Of A Drum - Eskimo Joe

28. Oh, and all the things too fragile to see / Well, your tin hat you take off around me.
Zoo Time - Mystery Jets

29. I've got your photographs 15 times on my wall / I've got your autographed underpants in my drawer.
I Like Your Old Remix Better Than Your New Remix - Regurgitator

30. Her name is Yoshimi / She's a black-belt in Karate.
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (Part 1) - The Flaming Lips

31. We're famous / Contagious / We make outrageous claims.
Xfire - The Bens

32. I got a new haircut / It cost me just six bucks.
Rumble - You Am I

33. I had nine lives, but I lost all of them.
The Lost Song - Cat Empire

34. All this talk of getting on / It's getting me down, my love.
The Drugs Don't Work - The Verve / Ben Harper / Grinspoon

35. They came in the evening / Looking for a fight.
Revolution Regained - The Living End

36. Life is a paradox / Seems that I care a lot.
Track 1 - Regurgitator

37. I need a change / Not to imitate / But to irritate.
Cemetery - Silverchair

38. I got some money in my pocket / I got the car keys in my hand.
Anarchy Means Crossing When It Says 'Don't Walk' - TISM
Evie (Part 1) - Stevie Wright / The Wrights

39. She / She screams in silence / A sullen riot penetrating through her mind.
She - Green Day

40. You got a great car / Yeah, what's wrong with it today?
Bohemian Like You - The Dandy Warhols

41. All the people in such a town / I feel alone but never down.
In The City - Gerling

42. My hair ain't boofed or blonded / My TER was so-so.
I Rooted A Girl, Who Rooted A Guy... - TISM

43. I've got a friend in Jesus / He's got a friend in me / He's a bit hung up on God but we've agreed to disagree.
Summer - Machine Gun Fellatio

44. When I'm a-walking / I strut my stuff / Then I'm so strung out.
Blister In The Sun - Violent Femmes

45. You took a trip / And climbed a tree / At Robert Sledge's party.
Not The Same - Ben Folds

46. I'm not feeling alright today / I'm not feeling that great.
Sheep Go To Heaven - CAKE

47. Had a girl and she did me wrong / I didn't let that kind of shit go on too long.
Tiki God - The Presidents Of The United States Of America

48. Drinking / Water to stay thin.
You Stole the Sun From My Heart - Manic Street Preachers

49. When I was a kid I grew up in a house on a hill.
Middle Of The Hill - Josh Pyke

50. Melody / Fragile as a dream / Lullaby / That lives on the breeze.
Fragile - Pre_shrunK

(Now I have an excuse not to blog for a week! Ha ha!)