Five Searches That Have Brought People To Couch Culture

Thursday, August 17, 2006, 3:21 PM

Now with added hares!

In the two months that Couch Culture has been running, I've had quite a few people drop in via search engines. Most have been "Yasmin's Getting Married", "David Tench" and the always hilarious "Yasmin's Getting Axed". But now and again, there are one or two incoming searches that make me stand up, take notice, and laugh my arse off just a little. This is the story of those searches, awkwardly assembled into a list as part of the group writing project.

"White Guy Dance Off Jig" - Now why do I have the feeling that someone is laughing at me? Try a search for "Kevin Bacon" and work from there. No need to thank me.

"The Sock Puppet Movie" - Back off Hollywood, this one's mine.

"Male Maturbation"- Slightly disturbing, but then again, I do have the tendency to talk a bit of wank at times. I only hope that it isn't someone who is looking for (snigger!) pointers.

"Chez Statler" - Are Christian Voice trying to work out where I live, or is it just someone looking for a French coffee house? You decide.

And finally, my favourite, and most recent incoming search - "Ukrainian Rabbit Vodka" - There is just so much wrong with that, I don't know where to start.

So, to my fellow bloggers, what are the strangest searches that have led people to your site? And not to leave the non-bloggers out, what is the most out-of-context site you've found while using a search engine?
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