And Now: Some Hard-Hitting Journalism

Friday, August 11, 2006, 11:09 PM

Much more important than Lebanon.

While browsing the Interwebs, as one would do on a Friday night when trying to avoid the Friday Night Piss-up, I came across this picture on a website purporting to be a quality new service ( Breaking News 24/7) . The picture also links to this "article":
Send us your viral snaps

Send us wacky snaps from your camera or mobile phone and we'll publish a selection of the best photos on
Well first of all, suggesting that people send in "viral" and "wacky" photos is only going to end up misunderstanding, tears, and a possible high-profile lawsuit.

Secondly, how the hell is this journalism? The mind boggles.

News Limited, I don't expect you to be the BBC. But at least pull up your pants and try to have some journalistic integrity.
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