Yasmin's Getting Axed! (Hopefully)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006, 11:59 AM

I wouldn't be putting my money on a Gold Logie. She'd have to beat Rove, John Wood, Darryl Somers, The Veronicas and the dog from Neighbours to even stand a chance.

So Yasmin's Getting Married. But does anyone care?

Ten are billing it as (wait for it...) "Bridget Jones's Diary meets Sex & The City meets Fawlty Towers." Translated it means there will be half a hour allotted on Ten every weekday to show John Cleese do his Ministry of Silly Walks bit wearing expensive stilettos and a pair of granny undies.


In fact, I would sooner have a sub-thermal rivet injected into my spine than be subjected to another reality TV show. Or I could just mail a dictionary to Ten with the words "Diversity" and "Variety" highlighted in fluoro yellow. It would be more expensive, but it would save me the inconvienience and discomfort of paraplegia.

I give it a week.


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