War: What Is It Good For? TV Ratings

Sunday, July 23, 2006, 11:22 PM

Couch Culture Presents: A beginners guide to journalism.
This will sell a lot of newspapers and air-time.

This won't sell as many newspapers or as much air-time.

Hezbollah - Israeli - Lebanese Conflict, 12-23 July, 2006. Estimated casualties on all sides: Around 472.

Java Earthquake/Tsunami, 17 July, 2006. Estimated casualties as of 23 July, 2006: At least 649.

Hezbollah - Israeli - Lebanese Conflict: Front Page of Melbourne's Sunday Herald-Sun.

Java Earthquake/Tsunami: Small blurb on Page 30.

Without commenting on the politics or possible ramifications of the Hezbollah situation, trying not to use the human body count as some sort of macabre yardstick, as well as not meaning to imply that the Hezbollah conflict doesn't deserve the attention of the world;

On behalf of the Javanese people I would like to send out a hearty "Fuck You!" to most (if not, all) Western media outlets for their woeful coverage of another humanitarian crisis that is happening right now.



And to further prove my point, there's been a storm in China that I didn't even know happened. At least 600 dead and more than 3 million relocated - What do you have to do to get a bit of media coverage?

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