Smiling Happy People

Friday, July 14, 2006, 5:57 PM

The people of Vanuatu living life the way it should be - pants optional.

The Natalie Cole "Keep Smiling" award goes to the Pacific nation of Vanuatu, which was recently listed as the happiest place on earth. (Courtesy of our good friends at the Beeb):

People can live long, happy lives without consuming large amounts of the Earth's resources, a survey suggests.

The 178-nation "Happy Planet Index" lists the south Pacific island of Vanuatu as the happiest nation on the planet, while the UK is ranked 108th.

The index is based on consumption levels, life expectancy and happiness, rather than national economic wealth measurements such as GDP.

This is particularly a huge achievement for the tiny island chain, considering they still maintain that happiness despite being the home of Seven's Celebrity Survivor.

Still, I send a warning to the Vanuatuan Government - don't use the term "Happiest Place On Earth" if you don't want to be sued. Hell, it might just be easier to change the country's name to DisneyWorld just to be safe. Disney are in a money-hungry mood right now. Be afraid.
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