The Theory Of Advanced Darwinism By Steve Irwin*

Thursday, July 27, 2006, 1:41 PM

Don't tell him khaki isn't his colour; he'll kick you in the head.

From The Daily Telegraph:
CROCODILE whisperer Steve Irwin has yet again proved his model father status, boasting about how he allows his 8-year-old daughter to kick his two-year-old son.

It's all part of the law of survival, says the man who infamously fed a crocodile while holding his newborn son.

In Irwin's latest tip for parents, he says he allows his daughter Bindi to "belt'' her two-year-old brother Bob - so long as she takes her shoes off first.

"When Bindi belts Bob I say, 'Bin, I realise you have to pick on your little brother, but take off your shoes before you kick him in the head','' he said.

"That way, she gets to whack him and he doesn't get hurt.

"That's a compromise. Everybody's happy,'' he said.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally found the answer to the eternal question: Why does Steve Irwin caper around like a brain damaged four year old?

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