The Adventures Of The Playboy Bunny (And Other Stories)

Saturday, September 02, 2006, 2:54 PM

The Playboy Bunny: The Great Wall Of China was built to keep it out.

Occasionally there is a branding logo that causes offence to my eye, so badly it damages my cornea and burns my retina. It's not the Coca Cola label, or Nike Swoosh™ , but the Playboy Bunny.

I seem to see it everywhere - on the back of cars, in clothing, on every product imaginable - and now on women.

Now, I really don't like tattoos even when they're done in the most tasteful way possible. The only tattoos I even have any basis of respect for are the tasteful australian flag and olympic rings you see on some swimmers, and former concentration camp Jews looking to hide/remember their camp number. So when I see a girl with a Playboy Bunny plastered on her shoulder, half of me wonders what the hell is going through her head to make her forever brand herself a tart, and the other half of me wants to throttle her.

So in this forum of discussion that is Couch Culture, please answer me these riddles three: Gents, how do you feel about tattoos? Ladies, what is the fascination with the Playboy Bunny? And on a general level, what in a potential partner is enough to make you sprint for the exit?