It's A Hit!

Saturday, August 26, 2006, 2:16 PM

Yes, I put this picture up again just to annoy you, Yvonne.

Prepare yourselves for another burst of Tench-bashing.

Without a computer to hold me back, I've found myself watching much more TV than maybe I should be. And yet again, I've found something on Channel Ten worth bitching about.

First, it was Ten's promotion of it's "hit new series" David Tench Tonight, which didn't even manage to win it's timeslot. (Quote courtesy of News Ltd.):

Among other debuts this week was the Ten Network's heavily promoted, animated talk show David Tench, which last night came up against Celebrity Survivor but managed only 1.14 million viewers.

Then, I was bemused to find Ten's new British purchase It's Me Or The Dog billed during an ad break as a "hit new series" before it has even premiered in Australia.

So it seems that all you need to have a hit is an actual product. Using this logic, I would now like to establish Couch Culture as "A Hit New Blog", hoping to gain an audience of stupid people who actually believe what is good for the faceless masses must be good for them. And then we may just have a chance of converting them into actual people and making the world a better place.