It's Official: Kath & Kim Most Overrated Programme Ever

Wednesday, September 13, 2006, 2:35 PM

Kath & Kim: May be noice and un-ewe-ual, but is no Skippy.

Regular Aussie viewers of "da chewb" may have stumbled across Channel Nein's 'celebration' specials 50 Years, 50 Shows and 50 Years, 50 Stars.

What strikes me as incredible is that Kath & Kim were highlighted in both shows - as the sixth best Australian show of all time, and Kath & Kim as the second biggest living Australian stars.

But before I "cut sick, bro" - let's establish some good things abou Kath & Kim.

- Kath & Kim is easily the best home-made comedy since the Frontline/D-Generation/Fast Forward/Comedy Company days.

- Kath & Kim is well written - the lines "Monogamy is old-fashioned, all you need these days is a veneer of monogamy" alone stand as world class comedy.

- There's no doubt that Gina Riley, Magda Szubanski and Jane Turner between them have pumped more comedy gold into Australia over the past 15 years than almost anyone you can point a stick at.

But does that mean that Kath & Kim needs to be instantly hurled into the annals as one of our most sacred shows? Is it more important than Homicide, more seminal than Skippy, more iconic than Hey Hey It's Saturday?

Do they deserve to be held higher than Countdown, Norman Guston, The Sullivans, Paul Hogan, Number 96, and God - dare I say it - Neighbours? How do you think history will remember them?

And were there any other surprises that caught your eye - i.e. How the hell did Rove McManus, Enough Rope and Delta Goodrem even make these lists? Get some scope!