How To Alienate A (Vaguely) Intelligent Voter

Friday, December 01, 2006, 10:31 PM

I normally don't bother with politics here on Couch Culture, but during the state election in Victoria, something crossed my path which I couldn't help getting a little worked up over.

Suffrage. So many have fought so long for universal suffrage, from women, to the Aboriginals and African-Americans, to almost any minority imaginable. The idea being that we all have the capacity to form our own values and opinions and vote accordingly.

So with the apparent wealth that my local MP seemingly had behind his campaign, considering the endless stream of mail-out trumpet-blowing crap my housemates had received, surely I would've also been sent something. Something to tell me of their policies, to inform me of their direction, to recognise my existence. And then, just a few days before the vote, I receive this:

The offending flyer, as seen by the Motorola ShoddyCam on the now world famous Coffee Table Of Doom.

Oh yeah, the ALP trivialised my vote. Because, of course, I can't form intelligent opinions about anything that matters, and I could only be interested in iPods and boobies and McDonalds Happy Meals and flashy lights. (Well, okay, they were right about the boobies.) And that's how the ALP lost my vote.

Rant over. Normal service resuming shortly.