Sanity Prevails

Wednesday, October 25, 2006, 4:17 PM

Would you trust these people?

Sanity has prevailed... well, at least on one network.

It seems that Seven's revenue raiser "Midnight Zoo" has gotten the big uncle chop-chop. Cue frenzied applause and chants of "One down, two to go!"

It's really no surprise considering a fellow blogger made this observation last week (Hey, I would have made an observation too, but I have taste!) :

I happened to flick to Midnight Zoo at 1:40 this morning (while changing Golden Girls discs) & the guy that hosts answered a call with "Hi Sammy what's your answer" & the contestant's voice sounded suspiciously like the female host.

And what could possibly make this victory over the stupidity of the "let's just do what they're doing" mentality of Seven's programmers even sweeter? The fact that not one person cares. Not one tear shed, no sadness expressed, not one boo-hoo to be heard.

Add to the mix the fact that it's being replaced by Lost repeats and Power Rangers episodes, and this feels so good, I'm almost ready to have faith in the viewing public again.