My Backspace Key Is Broken, Honest!

Friday, December 29, 2006, 1:55 PM

Paris Hilton heartily supports Pants-optional Thursdays.

No doubt it's all over the news and spread across every page of the wank glam mags - Paris Hilton has hit Sydney in a big way. So in an effort to follow the trends of the pubic public, I buckled down and got an interview with the Princess of Pop-trash. And despite what that famewhore Angela Bishop says, I did not steal this interview from her.

Statler: Hi Paris, thanks for joining me.

Paris: No problem, Angela.

So what brings you to Australia?

Money. Some guy is paying me a crazy amount of money.

Err... Anything else? What about Australian beaches... or the friendly people... or the fantastic nightlife? You know, all that stuff that visiting Hollywood stars usually say?

No. Just money. And I hear that there's a guy called Statler around here somewhere. He's hot.

Okay then. Paris Hilton, thanks for your time.

Interview terminated so the slut interviewee could take a cold shower.